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As an Educational Technology Leader, my role is to search for innovative ways to help young children connect education and technology. I desire to be a facilitator of positive growth while assisting them to become confident in their connection with learning and computers. Their social skills and academic understanding are vital as they learn about technology as they prepare to become lifelong learners for the 21st Century.


My position in life is to be a Servant Leader. To help people feel empowered and successful as they fulfill their dreams and aspirations is my philosophy. My belief is to continue to help others meet their aspirations as they master their challenges (Northouse, 2016). As my dedication to collaborating with other leaders to help families of children with special needs reduce the digital divide of technology, awareness continues to be my desire. As an Educational Leader, my responsibility is to assist others by continuing my knowledge and understanding of the innovation in technology to be a dependable resource for my community. By enhancing their interests in technology and needs in education, I hope learning becomes fun and exciting for children with special needs and their families as they are shown their lives matter to the world too.


As an Educational Technology Leader, my vision is to provide opportunities for all children to gain knowledge and information by using a variety of mobile devices to assist with their learning both in schools and homes. My idea is to have a center in Bayonne, New Jersey, that combines education and learning for children with special needs under the age of five. The curriculum development process will include the needs and interests of the students and parents as the teachers assist with planning as well. Other stakeholders in the community will also participate in the implementation of the curriculum and philosophy of the school.


Even though I was an Educational Director at a Head Start program in Brooklyn, New York for ten years, and have prior knowledge of partaking in the process of creating a school, that experience was a very long time ago. To create my center soon, I have to strive to participate and attend more conferences and workshops during my remaining years as a doctoral student at New Jersey City University. I need to make more attempts to connect my vision to outside entities that are combining education and technology and build up my confidence to increase my exposure to opportunities in this nature. I need to be more involved with understanding how to design practical proposals and other ways to get funding to help finance the creation of the center. I also need to stop making excuses when Bank Street College continues to contact me and invite me to many committees and other educational opportunities. In this way, I can continue to be knowledgeable in the field of education and technology as I grow and serve as an Educational Leader.


My short-term goal is to begin drafting my ideas on how to create the center and including a curriculum that includes a variety of technology concepts. Being able to attend conferences and workshops relating to Educational Technology is vital as I grow in my profession. I need to continue my knowledge in this field as I strive to be a value to my community. I also need to remain aware of updated information as educational settings are drastically changing as a result of COVID-19. If I stay alert to significant changes in my community, my ability to be an effective leader will of value to many families. My long-term goal to become a resource to other families from a global perspective as they face concerns and frustrations dealing with inequality and having special needs challenges.


When I go to sleep, I think of Educational Technology, and when I wake up, I think of my Educational Technology classes! I am a happy person by nature, so everything is enjoyable to me as long as the energy is positive. I enjoyed the first day I stepped into NJCU to meet my peers, whom I now call my friends. The positive energy that everyone has towards learning and ensuring that everyone is successful along their personal and professional journeys is magical. Everyone is so supportive; learning is fun. Now, when I do my therapy sessions, I have more confidence and focus in my deliverance. Education is always fun to be. Now with the doctorate experience, learning has meaning for me. As an Educational Leader, I will never forget my beautiful experiences at NJCU and continue that positive energy as I help others on a broader scale.



- Become an Adjunct Instructor in one of the departments at NJCU.
- Assist students and parents with technology as a volunteer at A Harry Moore High School in 
- Become the Director of Technology Instruction at Friendship Baptist Church Daycare Center
- Become part of the Girls in Tech Program and Hudson County Community College


- Attained The State of New Jersey Supervisory Certification under the Supervision Program at     NJCU

- Participated in The Dignity for All Students Act at The Teacher's College, Columbia University

- Participated in a teacher training workshop hosted by The New Jersey Council for

   Exceptional Children, "Virtual learning for special needs children."

- Member of the State of New Jersey's Department of Education's Preschool Teaching and

   Learning Standards Committee


- Participated in The CEC's Convention and Expo with emphasis on special education and             technology by designing a workshop for teachers called, “Effects of Teletherapy for Children     in The Early Intervention Program During The Covid-19 pandemic" and "How Online                         Communities Serve as a Resource for Special Educators and Parents During the Covid-19           Pandemic."

- President of the Psychology Department's Psi Chi, The NJCU Chapter

- Part of the Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant (LDTC) program at NJCU in the Fall, 2021

- Co-Publish books for children with special needs
- Attain my Doctorate in Educational Leadership Technology from NJCU





CEC 2021 Convention and Expo. (2020).


Fettig, A., Cook, A. L., Morizio, L., Gould, K., & Brodsky, L. (2018). Using dialogic reading strategies to promote social-emotional skills for young students: An exploratory case study in an after school program. Journal of Early Childhood Research, 16(4), 436-448.


Northouse, P. (2013). Leadership: Theory and Practice (6th Edition) SAGE Publication, Inc

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